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I have a problem configuring smtp

It started with the blocking of the mail, then the password was updated, but when I want to update the smtp configuration it presents me with the following error


  • can you please share output of be command

    kubectl get po -A

    did you check the connectivity, what is the telnet result of port 587.

  • Suggested Answer

    The error in red on the screenshot means that the suite installation status is either not set to "installed" on the UI of the OMT management portal (port 5443) or the OMT API is not able to retrieve the suite installation status and that is preventing you to configure smtp.

    - login to the OMT management portal port 5443 and confirm if the suite installation status is really set to “installed” - if so then the first option is sorted out

    This URL details how to check it

    Is this a fresh install?  - if so, you may need a support case for support to confirm the installation has been successfully completed

    If it is an old installation, then I would also suggest to check the pod status. Especially the cdf apiserver pod since the suite installation status are stored on the cdf-apiserver database

  • Thanks for your help
    It is an old installation, when I enter where you indicate it shows me that it is ready to install, but I don't know whether to click it

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  • I cannot see the version on the screenshot but I would suggest to contact Support/R&D via a support case to confirm your suite installation is correct.
    If so there should be a way to change the installation status in the backend and that should allow you to save your smtp configuration
    In worst case you will have to uninstall and reinstall the suite