Use case: Custom application for surveying clients to identify used software and IT assets?

I realize that SMAX with Native SACM has built in functionality to track software and assets that have been associated to a user, but a question I have, relates to a use case for:

  • Asking clients through the client portal to report IT assets and software they currently use
  • This may include peripherals that are not part of UD
  • This may help rule out discovered peripherals that are not corporate assets (i.e. a teleworker plugs in a personally owned monitor to their work laptop)
  • This may help identify software that is installed which is not being used, outside of discovered usage

The question:

  • Would an SMAX custom application entity be able to collect this information through the service portal somehow without consuming a concurrent user license (only self-service license)?
  • Would this be better presented through an offering or could a survey somehow collect this information?
  • Anyone who has pursued this use case who may be able to share lessons learned?

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    In my opinion, an offering gives you more flexibility to define the data to collect, plus validate the input information.

    The survey request would have to be triggered somehow and a user will get a personal link to connect and respond. You will have to either do this manually, or programmatically trigger it through an event. Additionally, extracting the reported information may not be that straightforward.

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  • Thank you, Brindusa. I will recommend the offering route as a way to leverage SMAX to achieve this. While I believe the use case was presented to me in the thought that it would be a single page that the client could update with their list of used hardware/software, I don't think this is a possibility with SMAX, it would have to be an offering that clients submit requests with the information, and each time they do so would be a different request. We could theoretically report on the latest requests of said offering per client in order to get the desired data...