Welcome to the SMAX Software Community!


Welcome! SMAX is the containerized version of the SMA suite. You may be using the all or part of SMAX suite, or may be a Service Manager customer using just the SMA Service Portal. Either way, come on it and look around! This is your place to find information, ask - and answer! - questions. We hope you find it valuable.

 Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of the SMAX Software Community:

Service Management Automation Community – this is the top level of the Community, where you’ll find information like blogs and events or announcements for Service Management in general, with links to components of the ITSMA Suite

SMAX Community – this this the second level of the Community, specific to the containerized version of the SMA suite (that is, SMAX). We strongly recommend you bookmark this URL and consider subscribing to updates.

In addition to this online Community, there is a bi-weekly live meeting where we cover technical topics in more detail, share best practices, or host a drop-in ‘office hours’ with R&D resources. See this post for more information on the topics, schedule and recordings. 

Under the SMAX community you will find the relevant forums: 

  • SMAX Discussions and Q&A Forum – If you have a question that can't be answered through online help, this is the place for you. Do a quick search to see if your question has already been asked and answered, and if not - post away! Know the answer? Go ahead and jump in! Micro Focus teams do monitor this forum, but there's nothing like helping out your fellow community member
  • SMAX Learn – This is where we will post various materials to help you get started, learn about product updates, etc. You'll find Release Notes, What's New documents, How to Videos, and more. Check back often as we'll be adding over time.
  • SMA Idea Exchange - for SMA-SM and SMAX customers, a place to post ideas for product improvements or vote on those already submitted. Subscribe to the SMAX label rather than the forum to filter out SMA-SM related items.  

 We strongly encourage you to subscribe to each forum: click Options from each Forum page, and click Subscribe; email preferences can be set from your profile (click your name top right of screen)

Also see the attached for more tips and tricks. 



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