how to add a new brocade switch to their smi-s agent?

we are adding a brocade switch to storage essentials 9.6.
There is already a smi-s in the storage essentials and it is working fine.
I opened the server installed the smi-s, but found nothing. and the http://ip:5898 is not accessible.

this is the first time I configure smi-s, please give me a help!

  • Hello Louisji2008,

    Your question is not very clear.

    Are you using Brocade BNA with it's SMI-S or are you using the Brocade SMI-A?

    Are you trying to add the new switch to your existing Brocade environment or add a new SMI-S interface?

    The default port for https is port 5989 and not port 5898.

    Default ports:

    • http is 5988
    • https is 5989

    Once you install or configure the Brocade SMI-A or BNA with SMI-S, then you will need to add the switch to the software so that it is discovered properly.  Once the switch is properly discovered by the brocade software, then you can discover it within SE.

    I hope that this helps.




  • hi Mark,
    it is brocade smi-s agent.
    Do you know how to add a switch to it?
  • Suggested Answer

    Hello Louisji2008,

    Yes.  Included with the Brocade SMI-S agent software is a docs directory.  Within the Brocade SMI Agent Users Guide it includes information on how to use the Brocade SMI Agent Configuration Tool.

    Refer to this guide to add switches to your Brocade SMI-A software configuration.

    It may be the same or slightly different depending on the version of the software that you have.

    Attached is a copy of the Brocade SMI Agent Users Guide for 120.11.0.