(SOM) Support Tip: After applying Patch 2 for SOM 10.20, 'somaction' process not starting.

Hello SOM Community,

as an add-on to my former post that SOM 10.20 Patch 2 has been released, please be aware that if you apply Patch 2,
which causes 'somjboss' service being restarted. The 'somaction'  Service, which depends on 'somjboss' service might not get started automatically . The problem seems to be related by applying Patch 2.

Once the Patch was applied, which restarts the 'somjboss', it seems we miss to start the  'somaction' process after SOM 10.20 Patch 2 has been applied. The problem does not occur if you stop and and start all SOM services (ovstop/ovstart) or reboot your SOM system. Only right after applying the Patch 2, which stops 'somjboss'  and starts 'somjboss'  - the 'somaction' process seems not to get started automatically.
In case you use SOM as snmp trap receiver and Incidents (Events) in SOM, please check after applying SOM 10.20 Patch 2, if the 'somaction' service was started.

To do so:
-open a command prompt on the SOM server as Administrator
-run the command
-if you find the 'somaction' service not being running, enter the command
ovstart -c somaction

The 'somaction' service should start quickly and you can verify with command ovstatus  if it is up.
If the 'somaction' service didn't start after applying SOM 10.20 Patch 2, you might miss some Incidents (Events) in SOM whilst the 'somaction' service was down.

Note: this problem has been experienced so far on SOM Installations running on Windows.