(SOM) Support Tip: How to create a filter in OBR based on the results of another query

Hello SOM Community,

I just created a document explaining how to create a Filter in SOM Reporter (aka. OBR alias Operations Bridge Reporter) were the results of another query is used as a Filter for the main query. This covers how to use 'Supplemental' Filters being present in a different Universe on a query of a Universe, that does not contain these 'Supplemental' Filters. For example - if you want to have deleted Storage Volumes or Storage Pools not to show up in a performance report, where typically the Performance Universes do not contain certain pre-defined Filters, you can use the general 'Storage System Reporting Universe', which contains these pre-defined Filters, as a reference/Filter for you main Performance Report query.

The related Knowledge Document (KCS) can be found at

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