HP Storage Operations Manager_Roles and Responsibilities


I would like to understand the roles and responsibilities of HP SOM consultant. 

Please help me with the list of R&R As we are currently hiring for SOM Experts with 5-10Years of experience in the following.

  • Understanding storage environment of customer.
  • Understanding business requirement of storage monitoring and management of same from IDC team of customer.
  • Installation, configuration, troubleshooting and support of SOM.
  • Consulting customer on need basis for best practices.
  • Working on integration of SOM with appropriate tool i.e. BSM or TeMIP for fault monitoring consolidation.
  • Documentation of implementation, configuration, admin guide.
  • Giving end users hands on training of SOM.
  • Any other activity as requested by customer.




  • Suggested Answer

    Hello Umesh,
    you do have fair questions, however I doubt this forum is the right place to get your questions answered.
    Please contact your HPE Sales Represantive for most current updates on this topic.
    You would like to get information a Solution Architect for this product might be able to provide, dedicated to some customers
    special configuration (or configurations in general). Even HPE Service people might not be able to advise you further on this without knowing the exact setup of the customer (or what SOM/OBR is supposed to achieve here).

    Please contact your HPE Sales Rep. for further steps being required to move forward.