SOM 10.20 integration with uCMDB 10.22

Hello Mark,

Could you please let me know whether SOM 10.20 integration is possible with uCMDB 10.22 ?

Also SOM 10.10 with uCMDB10.22 (I heard if ucmdb on CUP19 or 20 it is possbile)



Thanks, Hari

  • Hello Hari,

    According to the SOM 10.20 support matrix, the supported versions for this integration are:  UCMDB 10.20, 10.21 with Content Pack (CP) 17 and CP 18.

    For SOM 10.10 I only see as supported UCMDB 10.20.



  • Hello Luis,

    It seems uCMDB 10.22 with CUP 19 will support integration with SOM10.10 (an email information from uCMDB support engineer)

    We are trying on this integration currently, If it works, then my question is, if I upgrade SOM to 10.20, Is there any issues with the current integration setup ?


    Thanks, Hari

  • Hello Hari,

    Wow a peronsalized request?  :-)

    Yes, there are others that can answer these questions, like Luis.  I just tend do be quicker.

    To answer your question, there is a HPE SOM 10.20 UCMDB Content Pack that was just posted.  It has the following statement within this SOM 10.20 UCMDB Content Pack entry.

    This content pack provides integration of HP SOM 10.20 with HP UCMDB 10.22.  NOTE: Install both and 

    Based on conversations that I've heard, I believe that this includes a fix to a problem that was encountered with the SOM/uCMDB integration.

    Here's the URL for the new content pack on HPE Live Network:

    I hope that this helps answer your question.


    Mark Butler

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your quick response.

    It seems I can safely upgrade my SOM to 10.20 and it will support integration with uCMDB10.22

    In the link you shared, it was mentioned in "Applicable products and versions"  SOM version 10 and 10.20 - That means SOM10.10 integration with uCMDB10.22 will not work ? (currently we are struggling to integrate SOM10.10 with uCMDB10.22(with CUP19))

    We are planning to upgrade to SOM10.20 after this integration process.

    Please suggest, Shall we try this integration after SOM upgrade to 10.20 ?




    Thanks, Hari



  • Hello Hari,

    I would suggest upgrading to SOM 10.20 before configuring the integration.  You'll have to redo the integration afterwards or at least confirm that it is still working, etc.

    I've heard that SOM 10.10 with the uCMDB integration does work with uCMDB 10.22 but I've not done it myself.


    Mark Butler

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your quicker and valuable feedback.


    Best Regards,


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