How to have 2 icons for 1 project in SRC?


We need to have 2 icons (Service requests) in SRC (5.2.1) pointing to one project in SBM. Is there any option how to make it?

Situation: there is large service catalog (many services) but not all workflows are ready now. So some service requests need to be pointed to the same workflow/project for few months.
We need teach users which SRC icon to use for which service request from the beginning (despite of we do not have prepared all workflows).
So we need to use 2 (or more) SRC icons for one project for a few months.

We know that it is not possible to do it via SRC/Customize/Request Center Portal.

Is there any option how to make it please?

Thank you
Lucie Mlynarova

  • Hi Lucie,

    What are your expectations for entered data when you switch over to the new workflow/project? In other words, do you need the data entered when one icon is selected to be separate from the data entered when you select the second icon? Or would all the data go into the same workflow regardless of which icon is selected.

    Put another way, which do you need?

    Icon 1 -> WF1
    Icon 2 -> WF2


    Icon 1 -> WF1
    Icon 2 -> WF1

    And then, once the new workflow is created and one of the icons points to the new workflow, would you just start over with only newly entered data going into the new workflow? Or would you expect that some portion of the previously entered data would need to be converted/transferred into the new workflow?
  • Hi David,

    Now we need 2 icons for one project (all items to the same WF regardles of which icon is selected; items are not separated) .

    After new Process Application is finished we will need the second icon to be pointed to new WF in new process application. Only newly entered data will be going to new WF in new PA.

    Thank you
  • Hi Lucie,

    Were you able to find a solution to this?
  •  Can you create a single GIF with both the old and new icons?