[Serena] SSM and SRC 5.2.1 have reached general availability!

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Serena Service Manager 5.2.1 and Serena Request Center 5.2.1. SSM 5.2.1 is a maintenance release focused primarily on updating the SSM solution framework to operate properly with Serena Business Manager 11.0. SSM 5.2.1 requires a minimum of SBM 11.0 and cannot be loaded onto SBM 10.1.5.x or earlier.

SSM 5.2.1 also includes improvements to Multi-Language Support (MLS) to enable administrators to translate strings for several user defined objects in Request Center including Category Name, Category Description, Service Name, Service Description, Service Summary and other related objects. In addition, SSM 5.2.1 includes over 160 defect fixes.

For more information on these improvements and upgrading to SSM 5.2.1, please carefully review the detailed release notes in the Documentation Center.

Serena Service Manager 5.2.1 can be downloaded from Downloads under Serena Support.

-David J. Easter
Director of Product Management, SBM