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Alias Service Request Entries

Status : New Idea
over 4 years ago

The ability to create multiple Catalog Service Request Entries poining to the same Project and Submit form. This will allow to create much more user Friendly Catalogs  - based on user stories / personas. 

We use Several different but quite generic SBM Workflows for Configuration Change Requets, Formal Change Requets, Infrastructure Requets etc. 

Users very often get confused what Requets to use. Ideally we could Present the most common reasons for Requests as separate Service Request tiles to the users. 

We want to create different Catalog items (Service Request level) pointing to the same Project / Submit Form.

  • The different entries shall have the same flexibility like Original Service Requests like different Names, Descriptions, etc. 


  1. Our factory in Boston gets new equipment, the users Farid want to request this equipment to be configured in our MES System. - This is typically a Configuration Change Request. 
  2. Our factory in Beijing will produce new Products, master data would have to be added to our MES system. User Sara would also to have to submit a Configuration Change Request.