Enabling Submit on Behalf Of in SSM 5.1.1 (and prior)


Serena Business Manager 10.1.4 added the feature to "Submit on Behalf of" another user. This feature is very useful in Serena Service Manager as the support desk can submit items for their users, and users can see the submitted requests on the "Requests" tab in Serena Request Center. 


This feature has been implemented in Serena Service Manager 5.2; however, if you do not plan on promoting the new process apps, you can add the feature to your existing Service Manager or Service Request process apps to make use of the feature.

To do this:

1. Give the  "Submit on Behalf Of" privilege to your help desk staff. 

2. Modify the submit form in Service Requests so that when the "Affected User" field is changed, the Submitter field is updated.

a. Add a form action which occurs WHEN the forms is about to be submitted. 

The form action tests to see IF the values in affected user and submitter are different by testing the following javascript:

var affectedUser = jQuerySBM("option:selected", GetFieldByName("AFFECTED_USER")).val();return (affectedUser != "$USERID()");

THEN it executes this javascript to set the submitter field to the value of the affected user field. The code is written to handle both if the submitter field is set as searchable or not :

//Set Submitter Field if field is not seachable >>
var affectedUserElement = jQuerySBM("option:selected", GetFieldByName("AFFECTED_USER"));
var affectedUser = affectedUserElement.text();
SetFieldValue("SUBMITTER", affectedUser);
//Check if field was set, if not assume field is searchable and set accordingly>>
var currentSubmitter = GetFieldValue("SUBMITTER");
if (currentSubmitter != affectedUser) {
//The field is searchable >>
SetFieldValue("SUBMITTER", affectedUser);

3. Deploy the updated process app. 

Note that if you think that your help desk staff may need to update the submitter field after the submit, you can perform the same changes to the Update form. 



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