Customizing Request Center


Here are some simple ways to customize the Serena Request Center by editing the wrapper.htm file.

  • file location Serena/SBM/Application Engine/template/shell/SRP/wrapper.htm

In this blog, I'll be adding:

  • A tab that opens the Work Center interface.
  • A link for providing feedback in the User Links section.

Once, you've seen how easy it is to add these, you'll be able to re-purpose this method to bring in whatever you'd like.


  1. Stop IIS
  2. Copy the original wrapper.htm file to your desktop to keep as a backup.
  3. Open Serena/SBM/Application Engine/template/shell/SRP/wrapper.htm with notepad or any other html editor.

Adding the Work Center Tab

Add the highlighted text below inside of your table tags. Note that the target is set to "new". This opens Work Center in a new tab, but can be removed if you'd prefer it to open in the bottom frame inside of Request Center.


 Adding the Feedback Link

 Add the highlighted text below inside of your table tags. This opens your preferred email client with the email address pre-filled. 


I have included a Word doc file with the code and instructions for inserting it since these images are hard to see. All you'll need to do is edit the Work Center URL to direct it to your server, and the email address you'd like to use for the Feedback link.

Final Steps

  1. Edit the code snippets with your information. 
  2. Open the System Administrator.
  3. Click File -> Put Files In Database.
  4. Restart IIS.



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