Best way to migrate SSM to a new server?

I am preparing to upgrade to the latest version of SBM from 11.4.. To do so I have to have new servers\vm's built as the current server's OS (Windows 2012) is no longer supported. The SBM part of this is straightforward  and easy enough I believe. In addition we are currently on SSM 5.4 (so no update needed there) which will also need to be moved the new server. 

I am hoping to avoid not have to go through the steps of a complete reinstall of SSM and then doing an app by app comparison through composer in order to import all the changes we have made over time.

So, what I am looking for advice on is the easiest (least effort involved) method of way of migrating SSM from the old server to the new server.

Also are there any potential gotcha's I should be mindful of for either the SBM or SSM migrations?