Work Center Login Deleting SSM/SRC and

Hi All,

After upgrading SBM from 11.3.1 to 11.7.1 and SSM/SRC to 5.4, I'm unable to bring up the SRC catalog items on the Service Request Center UI (/workcenter/tmtrack.dll?shell=srp) because the supporting catalog files cannot be found.  Indication for this is error 'error getting catalog: 404'.   

I still receive this error and catalog items are not displaying despite following ssm_upgrade_guide  pgs 9-10 guidance which instructs to move and from the Solutions\SSM\Framework\Shell directory to the SBM/Application Engine/payload directory.  After moving these, I've restarted IIS on the Application Engine machine (we have a distributed server setup), and logged into Work Center per the guidance as well.  

After re-running the mitigation/resolution scenario another time, I noticed this:  THE WORK CENTER LOGIN RESULTS IN THE DELETION OF COMMON.ZIP AND SRP.ZIP FROM THE PAYLOAD DIRECTORY.

Has anyone experienced this?

Any thoughts/ideas/info greatly appreciated!