Automated Self Service Password reset for SBM

Has anyone used webservices or the API to create a self service password reset option for SBM? The user selects Forgot Password on a front end page and gives the loginID. The process sends an email to the email on file matching that ID with a link having a token for verification to a page that resets the users password and emails it back to them. I am not fluent in webservices or .net but I was going to attempt this project if no one else has already done it. It seems rather straight forward.
  • Hi Terry, unless you want to use web services, there is standard SBM functionality that you can use.

    In SBM System Administrator go to Options > Settings - then select the 'External User' tab. On the bottom of that tab there is an option to "Enable Password Request" - select that.

    The URL to the password request form is below: