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Automatically calculate SLA overtime (time after SLA violation).

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Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago

Today we have Elapsed Time but this Field in the SLA_ITEM Table stops counting as soon as the SLA is violated and we don't have the possibility to get overtime.

It will be very helpful and interesting if SLA overtime could be calculated automatically.


We try to get an order of idea of this overtime by evaluating the time between (Completion_Date and Estimated_Date).
But to be correct this time must take into account calendar (effective hours in day ...). 

As Calendar is take into account in the "Elapsed Time" it will be great if this type of counting could be used to get overtime in a new field (OVER_TIME for example).

This time will be the duration between "sla violation date" and "sla completion date" (when the Item got out of the workflow segment covered by the SLA).