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Better relationship between Assest Management/CMS and Incidents and Service Requests

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Waiting for Votes
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over 6 years ago

Would like the ability to update locations, relationships and other information from an Attached CI in an Incident or Service Request ticket at the time of the resolve form, so that way the technician working on the ticket can move the asset with out leaving the ticket and coming back into it.

  • Here is an example: The service request is for a new laptop because my old laptop died. When the new laptop is issued and it's time to close the service request, it would be nice to mark the old laptop as returned (no longer owned by the user) and the new laptop as now owned by this person. Yes, I can go into Asset Manager, search for the old laptop, update it, search for the new laptop and update it. But, what if I forget to do those housekeeping steps? Soon asset manager will be out of date. By being able to update the items on the Service Request Resolve form, it would be much easier. Better yet, if the resolve form was smart enough to know that I had not updated the assets yet, it could prevent me from resolving the ticket.
  • Jason, Can you elaborate more on what you would like to see here. The idea interests me and brings up my own ideas on the details, but I would like to hear the specifics on what you were thinking.