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Method to create relationships between multiple CI's quickly in the CMDB/CMS

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over 6 years ago

We have thousands of CI's. There are many scenarios where we create a new CI knowing that we will need to link multiple CI's together. For example, we will create new application CI where we will need to link that to server CI's, database CI's, software CI's, and other application CI's. The process to create these relationships is single-threaded. I have to run the "add new relationship" transition multiple times to create all my relationships. That is very tedious and takes quite a bit of time to do. Would it be possible device a method or interface where multiple child CI's could be related all in one transition? Perhaps pick the Primary and then link multiple child CI's? I saw at Xchange several products, like SDA, had a GUI to draw relationships between items. Perhaps something like that would work in this context too.

  • Yeah, often we have the supporting CI's already there. We create CI's automatically from any known, good source. I like the idea of creating missing CI's should there be any. Relationships give the best context so keeping them accurate and up-to-date is a huge challenge. Any time savings I can get on that function would be huge.
  • I agrée, that this is a valid use case. What de do in thèse cases is to create a custom form, where you select the information necessary to determine which relationships (or even depending CIs) to create, then on submit we execute an asynchronous orchestration which will create depending CIs and all relationships. The disadvantage of this solution would be that you need several custom forms and orchestrations (which can become quite complex) to accomplish all scenarios. It could help if there would be a "more standard " way to do it.