Simple 2 ½ Steps to On-Board New SSM Users

If you add a new user via the Admin interface, the user will receive an email like the one below. The problem is, the link takes them to the Request Center and they are somehow required to magically know how to get to SSM.
So to combat this, I take extra steps when registering new users:
1. Import new users via excel without sending an email.
2. Send users an email with all the appropriate links and information to begin using SSM.
½   Created a SSM link on the Serena Request Center portal.

Import Users via Excel

This step is important. It’s the only way to register new users without the system automatically sending an email. It’s also a time saver if you have a lot of users to register with the system and you are not using LDAP.
If you are unsure how to do this, checkout the Importing Users via Speadsheet post.

Inform Users of their Account

This step is critical to say the least. It’s the only way the new users will know about their account in SSM. I send an email to each user letting them know their User Name, steps to create a temporary password, the URLs and links to online help and videos.
If you like you can download a template that I use.

Create Link to SSM from Request Center

This step is optional hence the ½. I like to provide multiple options for the users. The key to adoption of any new tool or system is to make it easy for the users to find things. The login for SSM is one of things.
If you are unsure how to do this, checkout the Add Link to External System on RC Portal post.


That’s it. Two and half simple steps to smoothly onboard your new users to Serena Service Manager and Serena Request Center whether it be On-demand or on premise.


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