Importing Users via Speadsheet

Need to add several users to SSM?
Need to update several users’ info in SSM?
Skipped that typing class a lot in high school?
If you answered yes to any 2 of these, then you’re reading the right post.
SSM (aka the SBM Application Administrator) provides the ability to import your users using a spreadsheet. This is the quickest way to add several users when you are not using LDAP. Other benefits are:
·        Update information for existing users.
·        Change the privilege sets, role assignments, user preferences, product-access level, etc for a set of users.
·        Add or update resource records for a set of users.
Before importing your users simply do three things:
  1. Separate your users into their respective persona.

  2. Create a template user for each persona.

  3. Prepare a spreadsheet for each persona of users.

It’s highly unlikely all your users will have the same role assignments, group membership, privileges, and preferences so you want to arrange your users together based on these characteristics.
Then create/add a user in SSM for each persona that will serve as the template user or the user for which the import will be based on. This will copy the template users’ privileges, preferences, application settings, and options except for personal data, such as login ID, password, and e-mail address.
Note, for the template user, consider using an account that derives privileges from a group or role (as opposed to privileges are granted directly to the individual user). This will improve the performance of the import operation for a large imports.
Then finally create a spreadsheet for each persona. You will need a separate file since data from the first worksheet in the file in utilized. Save your spreadsheet to .xls format. The .xlsx format is not supported.
(You can download an example here)
Now you’re ready to import your new users.


Log in to Application Administrator, select the Users icon, click on Import Now menu option, then follow the steps below. Refer to the screenshot for guidance.
Step 1: Ensure the Import user from spreadsheet is selected under the What do you want to do area.
Step 2: Browse and select your spreadsheet file under the Import user spreadsheet area.
Step 3: Select your template user in the Import users as copy of box under the Import user spreadsheet area.
Step 4: Map the User Attributes under the Import user spreadsheet area.
Step 5: Decide whether or not to Send notifications e-emails to create users under the Logging area.
We didn’t talk about the When user already exist options. This should be pretty self-explanatory.
However, the option of sending emails or not is something to consider. If you are importing for SSM users, take a look at this post where I suggest that you DO NOT have the system send emails but rather import the users and then send them a separate email with the login information.
If you are importing SBM only users, then having the system send emails to the users if perfectly fine.
That’s it. All you need to do is type in the data in the spreadsheet or export the information from another system to populate the data.
Did you really skip typing class? 
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