Different no. of records in Portfolio items through asset center client and connect it.

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I have been facing this issue for the last some days , When i check the no. of records in Portfolio items through asset center it is different than what i see from the connect it scenario ( Through connect it it is 300 less in number) , I have to migrate data to a different Database ( for which I am falling short of 300 records). If anybody else ever faced the similar issue , Please help me out.




  • Hi Supriya, 


    Are you sure all data is being passing fine through CIt? Are you getting any kind of errors if you go to the document log are all records normal processing?

    Also you can enable the monitors logs and check if all data that was processed if there is any kind of error or rejected record you can check there.

    To enable monitors:

     Go to Monitors->Configure monitors. On Display sessions tab, set to "Normal processing (no filter)" and set the # of tracking lines to 20,000

    Then on Session backups tab, set all of the options at the top to "No filter" and "Normal processing (no filter)". Check the box on the File tab that says "Enable monitor"

    Then pick a file location for the logs to go. Then run the scenario.


    Angelica Rodriguez Arce
    HP SW-Global Center of Excellence

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  • Hi Chris ,



    Thanks for the quick reply , Actually I am facing this issue even before processing the records , When i go to edit a document and then view data , I am not able to see all the records prsent in amPortfolio table.




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