AM Web installation error

Hello.  I'm attempting to install AM 9.41 (AMGR_00445) on the client web server (AM client is successfully installed on their application server) and I have run into an error that I believe I can ignore, but thought I'd ask.


The error is "Error 1904.  Module C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Objects\Business Objects Enterprise 12.0\win32_x86\CEReportSource.dll failed to register.  HRESULT - 2147020895.  Contact your support personnel".  The choices I have to respond to this are "Abort", "Retry" and "Ignore".


I'm pretty sure this has to do with Crystal Reports, which was installed on their application server, but is not being installed on their web server.  As a side note, the client's processes demand that we install applications on the D: drive and not the C: drive, but I doubt that's got anything to do with this.


Has anyone run into this error in the past?  And what did you do about it?



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  • Hello,


    I recently had the same issue where the installation of HP AM gave errors aournd Crystal. The simplest solution I found was to run the Crystal Runtime installtion, packaged with the HP AM install, first and then run the HP Asset Manager installation.


    It can be found under:








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