Connect-IT Email Scenario - Multiple CC Address

Dear all,

I have some troubles with an email scenario which opens an interaction on SM.

When a mail is sent by users with a specific word in the subject, an interaction has to be opened in SM with "ALL" Cc addresses stored in a custom field in my incidents table.

My code is the following:


Dim strReturn As String
If Instr(1, [Subject], "XXX",0)>0 Then strReturn=[Cc.Address] & "; " & [From.Address]

My issue is that although there are 4/5 addresses in the email sent, my custom filed contains only the first Cc address From address values.

Is there a way to retrieve ALL Cc address (I need simply the text values, I don't need to perform any action on them)?

Really sorry guys, maybe this is a really simple issue, but I'm newbie to Connect-IT.

Thanks in advance :-)