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Hi Experts, we have installed HP Asset Manager 9.30 de (GERMAN LANGUAGE). Now we want to upgrade to HP Asset Manager 9.40 en Patch 2 (ENGLISH LANGUAGE). So would it be possible without any problems to just install the new Version 9.40 with english language and then during the upgrade just to import the old AR Files fom Version 9.30 de, or are there any restrictions to go from german language to english language. We want to do this, because the latest SAM BP Packages are only available in english and we already had some problems, when importing them into our German Asset Manager. Tanks a lot Oliver Queck
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    Hello Queck,


    Have you try to run the Insert a Language in the database option?

    You can upgrade to your 9.40 German version, then run the “Insert a Language in the database…”  option that is on the Application Designer and after the English version was added you can run the SAM BP package.


    Thank you,


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  • Hello,Help me !!! Need to write the condition in HP Asset Manager that will verify if data exist in database or not, at level of Asset Manager-configure field,not like index on database.