software installations update during DDMI Synch

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I have a little problem in the ddmi synch with asset manager ,The problem is that It updates  all the softwares which are present on a particular machine/ server and after the synch I get more no. of software installations present on a particular machine than what are presend in the DDMI ( The reason being that some of the applications would have been removed from that particular server due to which it got removed in DDMI . Now the DDMI Synch updates the softwares present in ddmi but it does not remove the ones which are no longer present in DDMI.


I have thought a solution , I dnt know whether it is correct or not , Please suggest in case  there is some better solution possible:


1) we will create a field / feature in Softinstall Table  for eg: Not present in ddmi which is set after the synch , In case the particular machine is compared and then the software is not found on the machine.


2) Now we will execute a workflow which runs periodically after the synch and deletes all the softwares which are not found in ddmi on the basis of value in the ( not present in ddmi ) field.




  • There are number of ways you can achieve this and the solution really depends upon your business needs.
    One quick way which we are using is based on Last San Date.
    In amCOmputer table there is dtSoftScan field which you can populate with Software Scan Date from DDMI. And in amSoftInstall table also populate this date in the dtInvent field. Then whicheve softwares have got the dtInvent equal to or greater than its parent computer's dtSoftScan, those softwares were present in the latest scan file. That way you can run your archival/delete workflow any time you want and there is no need to run it immediately after DDMI run.
    Again, you need to analyze different approaches based on your environment.
  • Hello Supriya,


    You can refer the ddmiamsw scenario for reference .


    If you check the Connectors guide, Advance Reconciliation section it talks of Collection Reconciliation.


    Managing the absent members of the source collection

    The Action on members not found in the source document field enables you to indicate that:

    • The members absent from the source collection are not deleted from the destination application.
    • A field of records corresponding to these absent members have a significant value. For example, if you assign to the collection's Status field the value To delete. You now need to find all the records that have To delete as the value of their Status field in the destination-application's administration. Use the following syntax to indicate this field:
      [field name] = "[value of your choice]"
      For example:
      Status = "To be deleted"

    Note: If collection reconciliations have empty data for the source database, records in the target database are not erased.

    Filtering certain collection members

    When updating a collection, the Reconciliation filter field for the collection allows you to:

    • Delete members of the collection that are not found in the source document from the destination application.
    • Limit the scope of this deletion by filtering certain collection members in the database of the destination application.

    For example, in an Asset information mapping of a scenario between the Desktop Discovery connector to Asset Manager connector, a Software source collection is mapped to the SoftInstall destination collection. These two collections represent the software installed on an asset (a computer in this case).

    Sometimes certain software applications might be uninstalled. By selecting the option Action on members not found in the source document, all the software that is not in the SoftInstall collection is deleted from the database of the Asset Manager application.

    However, to avoid deleting certain software (not identified by a Desktop Discovery scan, for example), you can write a clause in the Collection reconciliation filter field.