How to link assets with current maintenance contracts ?



I use asset manager 5.11, I have got a problem , I want to update  all the maintenance contract related to a particular asset to the current contract but while doing so if I update the value in the link MaintContract , if lose the contract it is attached to in asset covered by contracts table ( as I don't want to lose the information of the contracts an asset was previously attached to) , Please advise what can i do so that i can update the asset with current maintenance contract without losing the information in the asset covered by contracts table.


Thanks in advance,


  • Using that Link triggers a background agent which generates the relationship in amAstCntrDesc (Contracts tab).  To resolve your issue either don't use the link (make the relationship directly under Contracts tab) or turn on 'Keep history' attribute for the link.


    NOTE: putting maintanence contract directly under Contracts tab will not display under link MaintContract.