How can we UCMDB agent install through SCCM?

We would like to install the UCMDB agent through SCCM.

Our overseas infra manager request like this...


The server teams are looking to start the installation of the agent for Software Asset management.  Due to the number of Windows servers, they are looking to automate the installation with SCCM. Currently the install package provided by HQ requires user interaction. Can you please request them to repackage the file so no input is required?


How can i recommand to overseas?

  • Hi, 

    This kind of request of installation on the SCCM server can be provied for SCCM team or software, SCCM is a thiert party installation and for that reason we haven't steps to do this intallation. Please refers to SCCM. 

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  • You get the following files:   acstrust.cert, agentca.pem, and ud-agent-win32-x86.msi

    The install string is something like this:  (the dataflowprobe1,2,and,3 are the names of data flow probes)  this works if you have all the files in the C:\TEMP folder.  You can tell the SCCM group to extract the files there OR they can give you another path.  Just change the CERTPATH=C:\temp

    msiexec /i ud-agent-win32-x86.msi SETUPTYPE=Enterprise PORT=7738 TIMEOUT=80000 CERTPATH=C:\temp PERIOD=365 SOFTWAREUTILIZATION=ON URL0=dataflowprobe1 URL1=dataflowprobe2 URL2=dataflowprobe3 /qn