Wizard summary not activated on Web

I've activated the summary on a wizard and it work perfectly on the hard client.
But on the web, my summary doesn't appear.

Can someone help me to solve this issue ? Any idea to avoid this bug ?



  • Verified Answer

    Even though I cannot find anything written, it is possible the summary screen does not work in Web Client.  It is written the ProgressBar attribute does not work in Web Client.

  • Hi Mark,

    Yes, I've seen it while looking on the WebImplementation doc.
    But the amLog function seems to be functional on the Web (see "Chapter 14 - Wizards > Basic functions" in the AdvanceUse doc)

  • I should have wrote earlier I do know dynamic wizards are not accepted in the web client.  What I mean by this is a wizard screen cannot dynamically change based on user input (ie. setting assignment node to "In-stock" then auto-displaying the stock link node through logic in the VISIBLE attribute).  This also means once the wizard screen is displayed, the only way to refresh is to use the Previous/Next buttons.  This may not be condusive for your needs. 

    All this said, the Summary wizard screen is considered a dynamic screen in that messages / progress bar display while FINISH.DO is executing.

  • Not sure if this will help, however, maybe the function "amMsgBox(strMessage As String, lMode As Long) As Long" would help.  Maybe this can be coded into the FINISH.DO to let user know when the wizard is complete?  This function is defined in the programmer's reference pdf guide.  I just don't know whether the web client would allow a dialog box to display.

  • You might be right. The Summary must be a dynamic screen.

    And your idea to use the amMsgBox function is a good one except that I need to determine if my user have launch the wizard on the hard client or on the Web client... I don't want to show pop-up and summary on the hard client, just the summary (^_^)