Attachment Processing



In HP Connect IT, I have a scenario where

source connector  = Email
Destination  = Service Manager Event Connector

I am trying to achieve 2 things


1) Add attachment into the eventin record.

2) How do we get this attachment into the probsummary record?

3) Move the emails to the processed or Failure folder after processing.


With my scenario, I am able to create tickets in HP SM, but attachments is what I am struggling.


Moving to folders after processing emails, I need to understand how it can be done.


Below is how I have modified the scbd9.cfg and renamed it & is mentioning in the extension file





 { STRUCT pmo_syz
    { STRING number
      MANDATORY = 1
    { ARRAY activity
      MODEIN   = 0
      CIRCULAR = activity
      PIFLINK  = number = @{..number}
    { ARRAY attachments
      NODETYPE       = BLOB
      // Not displayed for the output event pmo_cit
      MODEOUT        = 0    
      BLOBTYPE       = 5
      BLOBFORMAT     = SC
      // Insert the attachment in the event
      APP            = eventin
    { ARRAY attachments_output_event
      DISPLAYNAME = attachments
      MODEIN      = 0
      NODETYPE    = BLOB
      BLOBTYPE    = 5
      APP         = probsummary
      PIFLINK     = @{..number}
    { ATTRIBUTE AllFields
      EXCEPTION = number
    { ARRAY PifParameters
      VIRTUAL = 1
      MODEIN  = 1
      MODEOUT = 0
      { STRING Name
        VIRTUAL = 1
      { STRING Value
        ParameterValue = 1
        VIRTUAL = 1



  • Experts,


    I have recreated the mapping, now the eventin is getting created , but the records are not getting processed to create incidents.


    In HP SM even connector of HP Connect-IT, I am explicitly mentioning, the scdb9.cfg file which is having the above pasted piece of code which is specific to my eventin (pmo_syz).

    After I did this, I was getting the error as 'Event with ID '15252864' not yet processed'

    Figured out that, there is something wrong in the name which I had mentioned in the scdb9.cfg file, which I corrected.

    After this when I run, I get the warning as "Cannot check insertion error for event configured in asynchronously mode HP Connect IT" . Still the records are not getting processed.


    Any guidance ?


    Thank you

  • Hi Brav,


    I have requirement to generate incident tickets in SM. By sending a mail to particular address. So i have written a scenario, which is now creating incidents by reading mail. But i need to get the attachment from mail and attach it to ticket. We are using Event mapping. The problem i am facing is, In CIT Service center/service manager connector there is no attachment attribute in it. I am not able to do attachment mapping.


    I have read some of your posts, where you have faced such requirement.

    Can you please help me out.


    Another question: Since im facing the above mentioned problem. So i created another scenario using web services, Here the scenario is running successfull without any error, But tickets are not created in SM. What may be the problem?




    Thank you in advance

  • Check this KM Article, KM1014120

    you should be good with this.


    If hickups, let me know.

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