Email inbound to SMAX

Hi Expert ,

I have Email Fetching email integration with SMAX . Currently i am using CIT instead of OPB since there are requirement to map fields in SMAX with CIT body. We are able to get the details however there is one requirement is to have the email body in Description . 

The email body is coming to SMAX in Plain text format  rather than HTML .

Is there a way to make the email body to come to SMAX as HTML 


Email body : 

Hi ,

Please a create for the issue 

Employee ID: 2000

Category: ABC

SMAX Description  we are getting from CIT:


Hi ,Please a create for the issue Employee ID: 2000Category: ABC Praveen


Expected SMAX Description is same as email body 

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    The solution is 

    dim html as string
    html=html "<body leftmargin=" chr(34) "0" chr(34) " marginwidth=" chr(34) "0" chr(34) " topmargin=" chr(34) "0" chr(34) " marginheight=" chr(34) "0" chr(34) " offset=" chr(34) "0" chr(34) " bgcolor='#FFFFFF' >"
    html=html "<p>"
    html=html "<br>"
    html=html "Hi User," replace([Field],Chr(10),"<br>")
    html=html "<br>"
    html=html "</p>"
    html=html "</body>"
    html=html "</html>"