How to create view to show asset and its network Cards (ip address)

I'm have serverA with multiple IP addresses (in network tab)

How can I define a view to show serverA and the corresponding ip addresses in a column?


Option1: ServerA | hostname| IP add 1| IP add 2| IP add 3|

Option2: How can I view the amNetworkCards table from the Web or Windows client? Then i could generate something like below:

ServerA | IP add 1

ServerA| IP add 2

ServerA | IP add 3



  • Option 1 is not possible in a view.  Option 2 is possible in a view if you start with 'Network cards (amNetworkCard)' table.  The 'Network cards (amNetworkCard)' table can be accessed via 'Administration > List of screens' menubar option, via Windows Client.  After creating the view, you can access via Windows/Web Client based on the associated domain...the 'Window > Display navigation bar' menubar option is for Windows Client and will look similar to Web Client.

  • Indeed - Option 1- may not be possible (unless, maybe, if you decide ahead of time the max number of IPs you'll display per machine).

    However - if you had time for that and displaying IPs in a row is a 'must have' -

    Then, you would add a Text type feature to your table (or update your DB with a new long text field). 

    Then: create a worflow which triggers on link/unlink a card to a machine. This workflow would keep an updated list of active IPs in this new text field whom you would add in your displayed list