How to create software counter for HP UD rights and installation/utilizations

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a software counter for Rights and Installation/Utilizations.

I've been reading the documentations but still facing challange with the Rights tab in the counter. 

For the installation/Utilizations tab its seems to reflect accordingly - i ve managed to get a count on the no. installations values.

But there is no value for Rights tab.

Appreciate some guidance on the configuration and correct query.

My current Rights tab:

CRITERIA section:
1. Rights counter context: Assets (amAssets)
2. Scope of the rights to be counter: Test-Counter Rights
     ---Value of Test-Counter Rights:--
     ------General tab: Query type=Standard
     ------Query tab: Model.BarCode = 'SOFTLIC_UD'
Note: SOFTLIC_UD is my custom model with nature 'SOFTLIC', Rights = 100, Single/Multiple=Multiple, License type = Per installation - number of points (ootb)

3. Rights -> Group By Link: ***I have no idea what to select here**...I've tried selecting the non-greyed ones...but still no values..:(

1. Rights-calculation mode: I've tried Points, and Count according to a field (with Field for rights count = lSoftLicUseRights)

I'm still not able to get the Rights counted correctly.

Appreciate any help.