Can't access external oracle database tables using Connect-IT to import in SMAX

Connect IT version : 9.90
I have an external oracle database from which we will import data to smax.
When I use the ODBC connection type I had this error due to there is a column of type Integer(64 bit)
ODBC error: [Oracle][ODBC]SQL data type out of range <-25>. SQLSTate: S1004
After I searched for this error I found that I have to use the native oracle database connection type instead of ODBC, But when I used it and tried to create new mapping , I can't find any table in the external database to import from, But when I used ODBC I was able to view all database tables (User has read access to database tables)
I wish this problem description is clear, and thanks in advance to anyone can help me.


  • Hi,

    If you connect to the Oracle database using SQL Plus from that machine running Connect-It and the Oracle user you're testing with, can you see those tables? Normally CIT doesn't control what you see -- only the SQLNet client does that, so I'm curious what your experience would be if you use SQL Plus to connect directly.