AM Client error: Unknown error rc=-2007

Product: Asset Manager client 9.70

I'm trying to figure out what this error message is indicating. A couple of users have said that they have received this message when updating or deleting records in the Asset Manager client.

Unknown error rc=-2007

Does anyone have a clue what that error number means?



  • Hello John,

    That is too generic. Do you have the full error message, and some screenshot maybe?

    Asset Manager records usually can be linked to multiple tables, therefore in some cases update/delete a record from Portfolio Items screen may not be possible, due to it is linked to record in Asset, or Model, or Computer. Even though in such case the error is usually pretty straight forward that the link is the problem.

  • I had the user disconnect from the client and reconnect and then they were able to delete the records without an error message.

    If it happens again I will see if they can send me a screenshot with more information.

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