LDAP sync into Asset Manager using Sync_dn.scn OOB is failing.


I am trying to import thr details of AD from the AD server using the OOB Sync_dn.scn. when configuring the LDAP connector i am giving all the necessary details and when opening the connector it is getting failed. I have used both the options with SSL and non SSL as well.

For the Non SSL we have opened default 389 and below is the error

2017/09/04 08:47:15.000 0 1 (0) Error occurred while modifying the entry (LDAP): '????›??????????????????????????????????????1'.
2017/09/04 08:47:15.000 3 1 (0) 80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0C090400, comment: AcceptSecurityContext error, data 52e, v1db1
2017/09/04 08:47:15.000 3 1 (0) (LDAP API) Invalid credentials
2017/09/04 08:47:15.000 2 1 (0) Unable to open the 'LDAP (etisalat.corp.ae)' connector.

For SSL we have enable port 636 and below is the error

2017/09/04 08:50:3.000 0 4 Test the connection
2017/09/04 08:50:3.000 1 4 Attempting to connect to server 'etisalat.corp.ae' on port '636'...
2017/09/04 08:50:3.000 2 1 (0) Unable to connect to server.
2017/09/04 08:50:3.000 1 1 (0) Connection test unsuccessful.

need your advice.




  • Hi Indra,

    To ensure that the end users can log in the Web client without entering their user name and password, you should map the certificate DNs to the Asset Manager users.

    When end users attempt to log in, Asset Manager scans their certificate DNs and match them with the DN information stored in the database. If a matched DN information is found, then Asset Manager identifies the login user as the matched user in the database and allows the login.

    By default, the DN information is stored in the Ldap DN field on the Employees and departments table (amEmplDept). You can specify other fields to contain the DN information.

    1. Log in Asset Manager Windows Client as 'Admin'.
    2. Select Administration/ Database options from the main menu.
    3. Select the HTTPS section from the Edit options window.
    4. Select Field1 (for example) for the Current value property.



    If you leave the Current value property of the HTTPS section as default, you can either use the sync_dn.scn scenario to automatically import the DNs from LDAP server to the Asset Manager database in batch or manually populate the DN for each Asset Manager user one by one.



  • Hi Indra,


    I am follwing up this thread, could you please let us know if the information sent was helpful for you?


    Yensi Araya

  • Hi Yensi,

    I am still getting the error after all the changes as been done as suggested. Attached here with the screenshots of the same.



  • Hi Indra,

    In this case please open a support ticket in order to continue assisting you.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Indra,

    I am following up this forum, I was wondering if you still have some concerns or if it is ok for you.


    Yensi Araya SW AM

  • Hello

    I would like to know if the issue persist? Is there a ticket open for this? If so, We really appreciate if you let us know the solution or the ticket number for our reference so other members can benefit too. Otherwise, if you haven't create a ticket please provide us your SAID via Private Message so we can open it for you and continue helping you on this.