Apps automation based on trigger question.

Hello, is possible to to create Automate flow which can handle tasks below on my device please?

  1. TRIGGER - email notification (or new mail in Gmail) from selected email address contains selected string in the Subject.

  2. Open selected Android application (not email client).

  3. Make printscreen

  4. Enter to gallery and share last printscreen to one selected Messenger group (or Enter to selected Messenger group and insert last printscreen there).

Purpose of bot: In case of new email (Gmail client) from selected email address contains selected string in the Subject bot automatically start selected application, make printscreen and send this picture to one Messenger group.

Update: I already started development

  1. Flow beginning

  2. When unread Gmail (condition When increased)

    • this works very well but only for Inbox = "^all". I need to add any condition to use flow only for selected senders. Currently I creted multiple Inboxes in GMAIL where one is named Automate but "Automate" or "^Automate" Inbox variable still doesn't work: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Inbox not found: ^Automate

      java.lang.IllegalStateException: Inbox not found: Automate

Can you please help?