OS Manager and HPCA Client

Hi Everyone,

I have managed to get OS Manager to deploy a Windows 7 standard image, and very happy with it, but I cannot seem to reconfigure the HPCA client to point to our infrastructure servers to deliver software.

I am aware when publishing the Win7 image there is an option to select the HPCA client software, but this does not seem to pickup on the changes in install.ini file, instead in the CM_AGENT package a client.ram file only gets uploaded.

Appreciate if someone in the community could point me in the correct direction.

  • Hi,
    have you really created a new package containing the HPCA Agent during OS Image Publishing? -- If you just selected the predefined CM_AGENT package, then nothing new will be published, only the old HPCA Agent package will be reused.
    To make sure:
    Prepare the HPCA Agent setup folder (win32) with all your customizations (particularly INSTALL.INI, and the win32\maint folder with any updates for IDMSYS), start the HPCA Administrator Publisher in "OS Image" mode, and select the file win32\HPCAE-MgmtApps78.msi:
    you will then be able to publish this new, customized version of the Agent. When done, navigate to OS.ZSERVICE. and connect to your new Agent package, overwriting the existing connection to OS.PACKAGE.CM_AGENT.
    When you prepare the INSTALL.INI, pay extra attention to the section [Objects] and particularly to any SAP_*=..... assignments, and also to ZMASTER_ZIPADDR=....
    These values need to match your environment.
    Finally check OS.BEHAVIOR._BASE_INSTANCE_.RUNPARAM and enter the correct IP address/IP name/DNS alias of the HPCA Core there.

    This applies to HPCA Enterprise Edition only. If you use CAS, you may have to republish the whole OS image.
  • Hi Rodion,

    Thanks for your suggestion I did find out the PRIMARY.OS.BEHAVIOR _BASE and _NULL instance still has RCSSERVER defined.

  • I have successfully got this to work.  What you can do also instead of having to republish the entire OS, is open the publisher and do an OS image.  Then just point it to the media msi. (I know, I know this doesn't seem like it would work, but trust me it does).  It will then just create the media published to the CSDB.


    Now all you have to do is go into your OS, and change the OS media name to point to the new name of the media you just updated.  Now you have the new media attached to your existing OS with all your install.ini changes. :)  Saves a butt load of time if you don't have to upload an entire OS all over again just to get the new media updates applied.   Good luck!