Radia Patch Manager extended support for Windows Server 2003

 Hello Radia community! I hope everyone is doing well.


 Windows Server 2003 end of life is July 14, 2015. If you are extending support with Microsoft and wish to continue using Radia Patch Manager to manage 2003 security patching drop me a note. We provide extended Windows security patching for Radia Patch Manager.



  • For those who will be extending Windows Server 2003 security patch support with Microsoft I will share my experience from patching Windows XP via Patch Manager. Each month you will need to manually download security patches from Microsoft along with a manifest showing file change information. In order to continue patching Windows Server 2003 using Patch Manager custom bulletins need to be created for each patch using the information contained in the manifest. The bulletins will need a unique naming convention so they do not interfere with the bulletins on the MUC data feed. Validation testing will need to be performed to make sure the manifest matches actual file change details. I have seen a few examples where the manifest did not match the actual file change details after installation and Microsoft needed to make corrections to the manifest. I have also seen examples of bad patches that needed to be corrected by Microsoft. In cases where the bulletin is not based on the OS but a specific product a probe will need to be configured so the bulletin is only applicable under certain circumstances. This prevents the bulletins from showing up in reporting for different Operating Systems. Over the past year I have developed a process that allows me to quickly and accurately develop custom bulletins, validate the security patches, and deliver the finished product within a few hours of new patch releases. This service is free for Evergreen support contract customers and a paid service for non-contract customers. Send inquires to Personal Info Erased.