OO10.51 Plugin and Actions Sample Project not buildable

I am trying to get tthe Sample Project Build that is described in the Action Developer Guide.

After having issues creating the sample project at all I manged do get a well structured project.

After first having problems, I tried to strictly follow the ActionDevelopersGuide, so using Maven 3.2.1 extracting both the java and dotnet jars to the .m2-repository. Still not working, so I decided to use this help Link

I tried several things from within there like using the -DarchetypeCatalog=local not file:\\... this helped me getting the mvn archetype generate to start working. The guidance than was taht there were files missing, as they didnt provide a soruce for the files within the solution I kept looking and found this help Link

I am not quite sure if that qay did what it was supposed to do but with it I managed to get the whole mvn archetype generate command to create a project that seems to have a valid structure. So now trying to use this project started problems again as the generated POM.XML files could not be used correctly as they contained failures

The Execution of generate-contentpack-plugin couldnt be done within the goal package or install.

Overall it seems that all those fixes do not work well together.

I tried switching to 0010.70 aswell still kept getting the same issues.

What could be the favorable solution to achieve a usable project that I can work on?

Did I made a basic mistake or is there a re-worked guide as the mvn-archetype-generate does not seem to work like shown in the Action Developer guide anymore?


Regards Heiko