Dynamically Launch Flow

I'm using Dynamically Launch flow and getting flow status and waiting to see if the status is one among below using a string comparator



The problem with this is, the status return by get run status operation is same(COMPLETED) for completed - Resolved and completed - Error. I have a decision to make based on flow status. I cannot go and do same thing for both of them. 

DId anyone do this before ? How do i look for completed error status?

  • Hi,

    If you want to find out the exact status of the execution instead of just getting the high level status use the following API  and just filter out the results. 


    In fact you could get both the result of the get status and the detailed result you want with one API call.

    If you want to get more than 1 execution id in one api call list in the executionIds paramater all the execution ids in a comma separated list.  

    Hope this helps,