Stop/start apache server

Hello All,

I would like to stop/start apache server from HPOO, I have script on the server and I'm using /Base [1.10.0]/Library/Operations/Remote Command Execution/SSH/v1.0/SSH Command operation. My script expects a passphrase. I can't remove passphrase prompt. How do I handle this  using hpoo, my understanding is there is no interactive mode here.

  • If you need to interact and pass info to repsonses then you might be better off using SSH/v2.0/ Shell logon|Shell | Logoff.  You will then be able to use expect and pass variables to and interact with your script. Here is an example where I am configuring a quagga router... Where ${password} is the obfuscated password I had in my vars, ${routing} is my routing configuration that I created within my flow.

    send sudo su
    expectEndsWith :
    send ${password}
    expectEndsWith #
    send vtysh
    expectEndsWith #
    send conf t
    expectEndsWith #
    send wr mem
    expectEndsWith #
    send exit
    expectEndsWith #

  • I dont know if expectEndsWith one particluar symbol like #, $,>. It could be different on different servers. Any suggestions on Regex here. I tried few didnt work.