Using log4j for OO run execution / step logging?

Hello community,

Customer asked us to provide OO runs / execution steps as log files in order to analyze them in a 3rd party application.

I would like to do this as passively as possible, therefore an OO flow that utilizes "Get Run Log" wouldn't be my first choice.

Would it be possible to do this with log4j? I tried to log "com.hp.oo.execution.control.actions" which wasn't very helpful. I also realize that log4j might have quite an effect to the system and prove to be unusable in the end.

Also, the 3rd party application might be able to utilize OO's REST and/or database, but log files were customers preference at this point.


Any insight on log4j OR other methods (ELK, Fluent) you might have used for such purpose would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks & regards,