OMi related operations are failing with Read timed out message

Hi All,

               I’m trying to run the OO flow which triggers SA scripts and update script output in OMi event annotation . But then in the Add Annotation to the Event operation I’m getting this error message

“java.lang.RuntimeException: Read timed out"

Has anyone come across this message before ? 

P.S : I also have a API call  which is in the same flow which is working fine where OMi host , port and protocol is the same 

OO : 10.22.0001

CP : HPE Solutions 1.8.2

 Any kind of help is appreciated


  • are you using for your usecase the SA content pack?

    Can you give the uuid of the operations behind the step that actually fails?

    did you manage to solve the problem in the meantime?

  • Hi Kaushik

    Timeout error comes when you are not able to connect to application server. (here OMi)

    Please try to access OMI server from machine where your are runnning flow and if you are able to access server/URL please check with your Port/Portocol for same because if your are trying to connect on wrong prot/protocol it will show timeout error.

    Also you can check if other OMi operations are running fine or not and that way you can confirm connectivity to OMi application server and any issue in operations only.

    Let me know if you have any query.