OO 10.70 reporting

Hi all,

I'm using  “oo_execution_summary” database table for reporting proposes , but the problem is the database table keeps growing and  it’s necessary to purge the run history.

I want to keep the table records for reporting, but at the same time if I don’t purge the run history it may affect the performance.

I was thinking about archiving the “oo_execution_summary” records in another table, but my report dashboard is in real time.

Does someone has faced this problem?

What is the possible solution?

Thanks in advance.

  • Verified Answer

    create an after insert/ update trigger to replicate the data to your new table 

    or prior to deleting grab the range of records to be removed and push them to a new table via a stored procedure (or an on delete trigger) and create a view to coalesce the result of querying both tables for your real-time view