Error in SQL query operation

Hi Team,

PFA Attachment.

I am trying to run Sql query on Server which is basicallly a database server of Service Center Application.

I have provided all details correctly but operation fails to complete.

Comple Sql commnad I am providing is

"select devicem1.logical_namedevicem1.status, devicea9.ip_host, devicem1.type from devicem1, devicea9 where
devicem1.istatus in ('Pending Implementation', 'Installed-Active') and devicem1.network_config_backup='t' "

Complete Error is Given in Attachment along with flow.

Please help me resolving this Error.

Thanks in Advance.



  • hi,

    i'm no expert with debugging java, but theres a line in that error log indicating a problem with Java running out of memory.. "GC out of memory"

    Does that query return a large amount of data? Do you have alot of other flows running at the same time. You prob want to look at the JAva melody moniotring of OO to see what java is doing.

    Also, from HP cases, they have advised you need to read these errors from the bottom up, and you're image shows the top of the log..