10.60 / Base 1.12.3 / Remote Shell / problems issuing ssh from within shell


We have a flow that runs and connects to one of four hosts.  From there, it'll ssh to a network device (Cisco router|switch) and troubelshoot.  

I can log into the host specified in the remote shell, however, in my command, that ssh specified there, can't seem to issue my commands.  


send pwd
expect (.*)
send ssh chris@${targetIP} ---- also tried send ssh -o "StrictHostKeyChecking no" chris@${targetIP}
expect (.*)
send ${NAPasswd}
expect (.*)
send "show users; exit"
expect (.*)

The pwd works fine

But, the ssh does not, I don't get into the device.  (telnet will work fine, but we need ssh).  It's not a router | switch thing, as I've also tried ssh'ing into other Linux hosts - same problem.  Tried ssh shell as well, no difference.  Manually, no problems, I can issue these commands and log right in.  

Gor to think there's an easy fix for this, but I'm drawing a blank.