HTML Input forms


Does anyone have experience with creating custom HTML input forms for OO flows? I'm trying to find a way where I cad create a standard html form and then make it set different variables within my flow.

I've read through the different html formatting functions in OO but all of those seem to be geared towards displaying HTML instead of taking in input. I also found a guide for interfacing with OO's API but that seems to be meant for replacing the OO web GUI instead of just accepting input data for a flow. 



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  • sure,

    I have a bunch of variables that I need to populate. The variables serve different functions, so one group might have to do with locations, another might have to do with names, etc. 

    I initially set these all up as inputs for one module but I figured I might be able to organize them a bit better in an HTML form.

    What other options are there for displaying input fields?