How Can I Embed Image To HTML E-Mail


I am trying to embed an image to an HTML email using Library/Operations/Email/Send Mail flow.
In practitoners forum there is a topic. But that did not help me so I would like to ask here.

Generally in programming languages you define cid and attach image by using Content-Type and Content-ID headers.
If you want embed more than one image , you can define for than one same header for different images.
First of all, I can not define more than one same header by using OO studio. So I can not define a second Content-Type for the image.

Also, there is a suggestion in practitioners forum topic using like below :

<img src="data&colon;image/png;base64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAAUA
9TXL0Y4OHwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==" alt="Red dot">

Although I define as below within HTML email, I could not achieve embedding an image :

<img src="data&colon;image/png;base64,base64encodedimagestring" alt="Red dot">

Could you please help me how can I achieve this, if it is possible?

PS : My OO version is 10.21.0001