Easy import of OO Content to CSA

Hey guys,

I am currently doing in internship at HPE Software. The department develops new Content in OO Studio. Importing to OO Central is no problem. 

My question is, how can I import my content packs that I exported from OO Studio into CSA without all the struggle with the process definition tool and the .xml file.

Maybe I am missing something. Please excuse that, because I am fairly new to the topic!




  • We saw the same problem as you did and in our latest release of CSA 4.80 at this time. Does not require you to follow those steps anymore, you can easily select your flows as actions from the management console.

    i recommend you to check our latest release and consider an upgrade.




  • Hi Kajetan,

    Welcome to the team. Hope you enjoy working with OO/CSA products. If you have any feedback feel free to reach to us via this forum.

    It's not clear in your email the version of CSA you are using but one step is to start organizing the content in Capsules that you can later use to import/promote across environments using CLI and/or Content Store feature (added in CSA 4.7).

    As __Daniel__ mentioned the user experience was improved and it will be improved more based on feedback like yours.

    Good luck!